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Pro’sKit MT-1217 Mustimeter, Digital, Auto Range, 3-3/4″

500.00 EGP
Complies with newest CE safety standard 3 3/4 digits 3999 counts Large and easy to read display panel Overload and

Proskit MT-1132 3 1/2 Manual Digital Multimeter

350.00 EGP
Proskit MT-1132 is a manual gradual digital multimeter which is the most needed measurement device in projects or applications. It

Kyoritsu KEWMATE 2001

1,600.00 EGP
Capable of measuring AC and DC currents up to 100A with OPEN CLAMP SENSOR. 3400 counts with bargraph display. Pocket

Kyoritsu 1021R Digital Multimeter

820.00 EGP
• Elegant and easy-to-use cabinet • Large display with 6000 counts and Backlight • Enhanced current measuring function using an

Kyoritsu 1009 Auto Range Digital Multimeter, 600V AC/DC

670.00 EGP
he Kyoritsu 1009 is a general purpose multimeter, incorporating the ability to measure both voltage and current. The 1009 model

Kyoritsu 1018H Pocket Multimeter with Hard Case

420.00 EGP
The Kyoritsu 1018H is a pocket-sized digital multimeter which comes complete in a hard case. Capable of measuring both AC

FLUKE 17B+ Digital Multimeter

3,000.00 EGP
Original Fluke 17B+ F17B+ Professional Digital Multimeter Measuring Tool Fluke has been leader in Multimeter Field since Handheld Multimeter debut

Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter

820.00 EGP
Product overview Designed for basic electrical tests, the Fluke 101 digital multimeter offers reliable measurements for residential/commercial electricians and heating

Fluke 15b+ Digital Multimeter

2,750.00 EGP 2,600.00 EGP
Product overview Fluke quality is always within your reach Your job requires that you have a rugged, reliable and accurate

7007 CE Safety Standard Professional Protective Function Analog Multimeter

240.00 EGP
7007 CE Safety Standard Professional Protective Function Analog Multimeter  Description : This product is new design and compact structure with

Avometer DT-830 — DT-830 افو ميتر من نوع

55.00 EGP
Description Diode: Test: yes Transistor Test: yes Power:  2*1.5V AAA Battery Size: 126 x 70 x 29mm Product Net Weight:

Avometer DT-9205A — DT-9205A افو ميتر من نوع

90.00 EGP
Product description Specifications: DC Voltage: 200mV / 2V / 20V / 200V / 1000V AC Voltage: 200mV / 2V /